Miken Freak Bats

Miken Freak Bats is a quality baseball bat. Coming from Miken baseball bat, Miken freak bats ensures quality. If you like to have baseball bat, go for Miken bats.


Miken Freak FX 700 ASA Maxload Slowpitch Bat (Black)

When you want to have a Grand Slam either professional or rookie level make this bat as your choice. It swings just right with its actual weight. If you are looking for a new touch to flourish your game , this bat is recommended just for you. Buy this out from Amazon and you will surely have the best game of your life moving forward.


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Miken Freak FX 700 ASA Balanced Bat

This bat speaks for its name itself, freaking awesome!!  A professional player or not this bat will give you a hit big time. If you are in for a home run, grab this one at Amazon and you will be delighted of its performance. With its advanced features, this bat is worth every penny. Experience it, Mike Freak FX 700 ASA Balanced Bat.

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Miken NXT (Freak) Supermax ASA Bat

This bat has a great sweet spot that is much larger than any other bats available in the market today. Grab one at Amazon and experienced how it slaps every ball. Owning one will make you feel like a “power hitter”. You will surely will keep coming back for this not just  for its higher elongation standard carbon fiber.

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